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Healing – the true way forward:
For those who know our foundational impress, it was the practice of Esoteric Healing that drew all initial attention to the work by Serge that is today more widely known as Universal Medicine. The attendance of all the early workshops and courses was purely based on the strength of the healing sessions and the results that so many were receiving and or had heard about. From there, the teachings, presentations, interviews and Books etc etc took their respective place as they sit to-date. All that Universal Medicine teaches, presents and or delivers is geared to help you heal and hence arrest the ‘what is not’ so that you can be who you truly are. And thus, in complete fiery expression, the foundational and original impress, which is to heal the pranic impositions out of our mind, body and spirit, still remains today --- humanity needs to spiritually heal.

There is only one sure truth that will sustain itself in the face of all the for and against arguments and all or any other projections, ideals and beliefs we may have and or cast about our current times and those we face in the near and distant future:

To move truly forward – we must self heal.

And in that healing process, it is the spirit pranicly driving the human vehicle that is in deep need of healing.

In-truth, there is no other way forward. This is neither a threat nor the casting of any ideal or belief, but a living immutable energetic truth that has at its core the reality of how our bodies and mental state of being are in everyday life. We are today more advanced on many levels such as in engineering, forms of transport, technology and information and, respectfully and in our advantage, we are today more aware than ever before that there is more to life than meets the eye. As this re-awakening awareness spreads wider and wider it will be found that the so-called mysteries are not mysterious at all, but simple and workable truths that we have deep within always known. That said, and welcoming its progress, the every-day life of the human being is today not better-off in true vitality, in true health and in true mental state of being. In short …

Humanity is suffering.
Humanity is desperate and not knowing of itself.

The word ‘suffering’ and the words ‘desperate’ and ‘not knowing of oneself’ will each have a different and or distinct meaning to the person reading them. One can say that -- those who are yet to know who they truly are, will, in one way or another, find themselves at the mercy of a life that is ever so heavily and tightly geared towards you not knowing who you truly are.
The desperation, the suffering and the not knowing of oneself arise because our current life on Earth is not natural to the true being that awaits to make it the life it Divinely should be.

And hence, the life lived

-- as much as one may or may not try to make it true
-- as much as one may choose to indulge in it
-- as much as one may choose to immerse oneself by its ideals and beliefs

and …

-- as much as one may use the many forms and ways of resistance and or self-abuse ---
    one cannot escape the fact that it is a life we all deeply know is not the true life
    it could otherwise be.

Try as we might, or give-up as so many have spiritually within, we cannot champion that the way people live all over the world is a way that fosters harmony or true vital health. On the contrary, most are made to harden to cope, and caffeine, sugars and pain-killers are used to get through the day and thus, most are exhausted by the pranic driven pace and subsequent ill-rhythms. And, if one tries to make a difference for themselves, generally speaking, they are in-truth no better-off seeking from those who are writing, espousing and or presenting answers and solutions when they themselves are part of the same disharmony and ill-rhythm. Seldom do we find a person, a group, a counsellor and or practitioners who are genuinely doing very well as in being joy-full, mostly if not entirely harmonious and of true vital energetic health themselves. Yes, some pose with the training and the knowledge, the qualifications etc, but that is what we get and not the real and practical know-how of one who is in fact living the practices they espouse and, demonstrating by their physical and mindful manner that they are indeed coping in full with the intensity and pressures of life.

Our history is littered with poetry and songs that cry-out for the truth to be. Our history is also littered with much disharmonious behaviour that people use to reflect and or show the subconscious or unconscious signs that life is not for them acceptable. From the self-destructive use of alcohol at all levels to all other like drugs, many are choosing to not feel the daily dilemmas of their life. From body piercing to tattoos, from mentally checking-out on computers, games and pornography to driving/pushing or immersing oneself into so-called personal interests, hobbies etc etc, mankind is trying to cope with what is deeply felt is not natural and not harmonious to a something other.

Hence, the un-named and or yet to be admitted problem -- we all know of a ‘something other’. We can not all name it, we can not all describe it in full nor perhaps put a distinction to it, but we all know that there is a ‘something other’. This is a very revealing point, for if you do not know love, you do not know what is not love and, if you do not know what harmony and or joy are, you will not see or feel the impact of what it is like to not have it on a daily basis … in other words, the ill, the disharmony, the daily disregard and the abuse would all be a natural part of your/our life and there would not be a hint much less a wish or wonder of anything else. But the fact is that we do have a hint and we do or can wish for things to be different. And hence, we can only have those inklings or feelings because we do know it can be different, for if not, our misery would be more acceptable and the exorbitant use of alcohol and or drugs and or pain-killers to drown-out our life would not be so common. Therefore, the fact is, we do know there is a different way to live. We know because -- there is a part of us deep within that remains un-hindered, un-sabotaged and, un-touched by any of our ills, problems, sufferings and external influential ideals and beliefs.

Think about it, if you did not know that there was a possibility of a truly better or true way of being,
by the fact that one has felt it, there would not be such a reaction
to the ill way of life we endure on a daily basis.

The fact is, we can feel that there is more to us and that the daily grind does not have to be a grind at all. And hence, it is the fact that we know it that causes us to react and retaliate and or find a way to subvert our pain and or the agony of our missing of it. The ‘it’ that we deeply miss is the ‘something other’ and its name is the Esoteric. Therefore, it is the esoteric we miss. In other words, we miss our INNER-MOST.

The true energetic meaning of the word ‘esoteric’ is – The livingness of our inner-most or …
That which lives inner-most.

Human life to date is not made or impulsed from our inner-most. In other words, we have not created a life in society to be what we know deeply is true, but rather, we have a type of daily life that is held to, from and by the influenced ideals and beliefs we receive from those who have made it that way in complete dis-connection to their inner-most. And thus, we, in subjugation, end up with a disconnected way of being. But the reality and, the true truth is – you miss your inner-most. As a result, no matter what you do, how many successes or failures you may have, how much money or gadgets or interests one may hold and be involved in – it is never enough. The reason for this is simple – we are so much more. We know it, but we cannot quite get a conscious hold of it because we are not raised from young nor supported to be that way by any of what there is in the pranic impulsed temporal life, which currently dominates the majority’s consciousness. And so, we live as best as we can even though deep inside, somewhere, we know that there is a ‘something other’ that knows better, different and true.

For many, ‘living as best as one can’ soon becomes not enough. The missing ‘something other’ is deeply missed. We may not know what it is, but we do know we miss something – or can feel that there is more, but it is too distant to name or too indistinct to feel. The problems then begin to arise, for we seek to ‘not feel’, that is, we seek to become numb or check-out from feeling what we miss simply because just about everything in our pranic led (temporal) life steers you away from ever getting to your inner-most – the part we deeply miss.

And so, we begin the life of  --

  • Alcohol
  • Drugs – all sorts
  • Deep mental interests so as to not feel our bodies
  • Indulgence in food to numb our inner-feelings and instead stimulate our taste senses to bring rewards to our dull daily life
  • Developing excesses so that we remain mentally driven by something that has to constantly feed our otherwise negative minds
  • Developing avoidance skills of anything that may hint or expose our recklessness, self-abuse and hence, our lovelessness
  • Denying, sometimes vehemently so, that we are living in total disregard
  • Choosing to be unconscious about the lovelessness that surrounds us everywhere and therefore, we seek the pranic/spiritual versions of good, righteousness, benevolence and charity to make us feel that there is something worthwhile even though deep within we know they are not true.

We resist anything that will expose all of the above even though we know it is true and would like to find a way out of it.

And so…

  • We give up
  • We check out even more
  • We develop cynical views, interests and or humour
  • We seek further numbing activities, food and drinks
  • Our body gets exhausted from the onslaught and thus, it gets wrecked from the entire loveless disregard but, we have another loveless remedy in the waiting, we simply bury and or ignore further the obvious ill signs by pouring more caffeine and sugar in to keep it all going, that is – functioning – JUST!
  • In addition, for caffeine and sugar are not enough, we increase our intellectual stimulation by either escaping into nature, gardening, meditation or exercise and or, we forge deeper into an array of mental indulgences that keep the mind and the nervous system entwined and as conjoined twins that cannot switch each other’s excesses off.

In all of this …

  • Your teeth, stomach and pancreas have to cope with the excessive sugar
  • Your kidneys, bladder and nervous system become very overworked by the constant artificial and most unnatural stimulation that comes from caffeine
  • The body tries to cope with the extra energy it has to call upon, to deal with the bloating from the foods and or drinks one is sensitive and or intolerant to
  • The liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys and bladder work extensively to rid themselves of the alcohol
  • The lungs simply become waste bins for the nicotine, tar, cannabis/hashish etc

In short – your body becomes the recipient of the lovelessness your mind runs with.

We then wonder –

  • Why 45 000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed every year in the UK. That’s – 45 000 women who will have to face such ill news in a single year!
  • Why there are 14 000 new HIV infections daily (95% of these in the developing world)
  • Why in Australia there is a new diagnosis of diabetes every seven minutes
  • Why cancer is 1 in 4 or 1 in 3 in some places
  • Why someone dies of cardiovascular disease every 3 minutes in the UK
  • Why so many are always so tired and or so exhausted
  • Why tooth decay and root canal work have dramatically risen

And so on and so on

Conventional medicine is doing a great job at keeping us one step ahead of the absolute chaos we would be in without it. Humanity owes much to the impress of conventional medicine. However, its current premise is not to prevent or to heal, but to cure and or best-manage our ills. But, temporary cures, long-term cures and or managing our ills do not reveal the fact that our waywardness is and has been the root long-standing problem. We will one day exhaust the medical system completely if we keep our lovelessness, its disregard and its wayward behaviour, as our way of life. And this is not that far away.

The answer to it all is –
To find that which we know is missing in our lives and not attempt to fill it or subvert it with anything other than what it is we miss -- the Esoteric.

But, when we do find it, how do we then live in a world that is geared to not have it? … for this is yet another experienced problem when one does re-connect to their inner-most.

Enter Universal Medicine.
From its first healing session to all of its teachings the work of Universal Medicine has been just that – to inspire the re-connection back to who we truly are and, provide an exoteric way of being that is solely impulsed from the esoteric so that the temporal world can be lived as such once that connection has been self-made.

It is the inner-most we all crave and it is the inner-most that will turn the world back into the life we ought to be living. On a grand scale this will take many hundreds of years, for there are still too many who will fight to defend what gives them authority, power, comfort and position. That said, our bodies and mental health cannot wait for them to accept the energetic truth. So we need to start now and not wait for any government or any other authority to endorse our own will to live truly.

Enter Esoteric Medicine.
This form of Medicine is the basis and the root of all healing. It is a form of medicine that begins with knowing how you truly are in your inner-most and then it looks out to the furthest point away from that which it knows is the deepest Divine essence. The furthest point out is always the greatest ill and, it is the known point of most DISHARMONY.

Universal Medicine will embark on a long series of presentations that will deliver the knowledge and wisdom that is Esoteric Medicine.
At this point, it is important that the long-standing student, the new student and, the student-to-be understand the expressive differences between Esoteric Healing and Esoteric Medicine. In the case of Esoteric Healing, still a very needed form of healing, the modality and or practice is applied to heal the root of any pranic created condition. The Esoteric Healing is applied, the recipient then finds a way to integrate the healing on an exoteric level along with the temporal confrontations as they appear. In Esoteric Medicine the exoteric and temporal factors become part of the process as opposed to being the opposing form that is assaulting the inner-most that one must develop to keep at bay.

The only way to arrest the ‘outer assault’ that creates the ill that lays over or surrounds
the untouchable inner-most is to make the temporal a living part of the esoteric impulse.

This is precisely what the study of Esoteric Medicine initially brings: The learning of how the temporal can function in accordance to the impulses that stem from one’s inner-most. In other words – whatever is truly good and thus whatever brings true harmony and vitality, make it your everyday medicine by living it in full.

For example –
The organ known as the liver is known for its temporal (physical world) functions such as producing bile, which is needed to help break down fats. The liver is the largest gland. It is a storehouse for glycogen and it has major metabolic regulatory roles such as acting as a filter for the blood helping it to cope with the toxins such as alcohol and the processed foods we put into ourselves. That said, energetically, the liver is responsible for harmony and harmonious energetic flow throughout the body. The liver is particularly very sensitive and thus reactive to the human emotion known as sadness. When the body is in some form of sadness, the liver acts as an energetic protector. In order to do this, the liver sends out or, circulates an energy that energetically hardens the body. This may help in the immediate need however, if the sadness is not dealt with, as it is the case for many, the protective energy turns into a hardening layer that makes one hard and rather reactive whenever they sense being hurt. The protective energy then goes on to express a reactionary emotion known as anger. In-truth, anger is merely the expression of one trying to protect themselves from being hurt. It is a harm-full and destructive emotion, both for the recipient of its ill-light and, especially for the one in such ill expression. All anger comes from the liver and, in anger, the liver performs well below its functional needs thus causing complications such as fatty-liver, cirrhosis and gout. The key issue here is that in disharmony, human behaviour acts very wayward and thus many other complications arise as a result.

The above example is very brief. It is not intended to be a substitute for medical science in any way. That said, it is simple knowledge from the energetic science of Esoteric Medicine. And thus, with ease, the energetic based science of Esoteric Medicine can deliver clear and revealing information about the ills and or the medical complexities that we face if we do not understand the body as it being the recipient of how we choose to live energetically.

This is what the live presentations and the subsequent available recordings of the presentation will deliver. Along with many revelations of the human body, the mind and the true psyche of the human spirit will be revealed in an easy to grasp language. In addition and, as it was for the series in 2010, much more will be comprehensively presented so as to offer the student a greater understanding of their own body and its energetic role as a complement to the known temporal/physical functions.

The study of Esoteric Medicine will cover extensively how the human body can act,
function and express itself so that it is a living temporal extension
of the Divine living inner-most essence.

If this is achieved, the body will not act and function in contra to that which it is Divinely to be.

This is the key point in it all and, it is a significant revelation, for it describes and reveals the root underlying behavioural patterns that feed the wayward ways that cause the ills we go on to suffer from.

This and so much more will be presented and taught. The studies will extensively evolve into how the body breaks down and thus how all illness and disease form and, the root behaviours and or ill ways of thought that create and feed them. The students will then have a root point from which to assist the changes of their ills and thus assist and complement whatever conventional method or approach one may be receiving.

Esoteric Medicine is not a substitute for conventional medicine,
but rather an extension back to its founding origins.

In view of the fact that humanity is not as well as we have all assumed ourselves to be and, in light of what has been presented thus far in the above, as a race of human beings we cannot ignore the un-ignorable and we can no longer make excuses and or deny the un-deniable. We are no longer a vital living race, but a functioning set of beings that seek relief in the face of that which we truly want. It is not our destiny to suffer and nor is it to experience unnecessary hardship. If this is the case, then it is for reasons that are contra to what we naturally are and thus, if life is not a joy-full experience, daily and ongoing --

It is most certainly -- time to heal.

In addition to the many courses, workshops, lectures, interviews, Books etc that Universal Medicine presents, we are again offering our teachings through the 'live recordings'. In doing so we are continuing to make this work more widely accessible across the globe and thus, taking the work and teachings of the Hierarchy into a mainstream of study that includes a live-like interactivity that is synonymous with our consistent fiery delivery and its energetic integrity.

The study of Esoteric Medicine offers an in-depth study of the ancient knowledge and wisdom
that can be easily applied in modern terms and thus applied into modern practical living.

We are very pleased to once again present an interactive 'live project' for you to be part of. The Esoteric Medicine studies are a way or form that allows us the ability to reclaim ourselves in a more sensible and practical way of being that enriches our true-being and thus empowers the true freedom of choice and the clear consciousness to do so in the knowing of what our bodies are truly for, which is to be the vehicle of expression for the Soul on Earth and not for the human spirit to use the body for its own pranic pleasures and wayward ways.

We look forward to sharing ‘the work’ with you once again

With love and in Atmic service
The forever student,
Serge Benhayon


The Esoteric Medicine Studies are recorded live before an audience of around 300+ students. 


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